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Attentional Leadership™ for Organizations

Attentional Leadership™ for Organizations is designed to help the organization, its divisions, teams, and its individual members understand the difference between Technical Knowledge (TK) and Leadership Knowledge (LK). Recognizing the balance between “what an organization knows” and “how the organization performs” or the “culture it produces”, we seek to assess and identify the “critical variables” for building a high performance culture, helping everyone within the organization from the top-down place their “attention with intention” on those factors that will build a more engaged and focused organization based on the intended mission, vision, values and purpose.


High performing organizations, be they large or small, are not just the collective outcomes of high performing business units, functional areas, and managerial hierarchies (although this is a good start). What must also be present is a collective and emergent culture of shared purpose, full engagement and excellence. In such cases, the organization as a whole becomes greater than the sum of its individual parts. 

 Excellent organizations make a concerted effort to ensure that a consistent ethos or philosophy begins at the top with a cascading effect that translates through each vertical, moving downward through levels of leadership and management until it reaches each individual contributor.

 To support and compel excellence at all levels of the organization, we work with senior leaders to define and visualize a high performance culture of excellence. We then explore which assessments and methods will best capture the “current state” of the organization as we work together to envision the organizational culture Sr. leadership and other key stakeholders wish to support.

Whatever your current culture and performance dynamics, we can help diagnose and support your organizational leaders in moving the human performance and culture needle.


Step one in our three-part process begins with assessing the current state of your organization. Together we will expand your awareness of key organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats—looking at structural, technical, leadership, and cultural issues and dynamics for greater organization clarity.


At any level, winning is all about zeroing in on what’s important now (WIN) for the organization as a whole. Here we narrow down the organization’s core themes to focus on to initiate focused organization change.


With carefully chosen colleagues and partners, we build the Attentional Leadership™ engagement team to address the unique needs of your organization. Using proprietary frameworks methods, and tools, we work collaboratively with Sr. leadership and key stakeholders to move the needle on key factors that enhance performance, engagement, and culture—where employees discover their best and collective selves in the service of the organization’s mission, vision, values and purpose.


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