Attentional Leadership™ for teams

Attentional Leadership™ for Teams is designed to help the team and its individual members understand the difference between Technical Knowledge (TK) and Leadership Knowledge (LK). Recognizing the balance between “what the team knows” and “how the team performs”, we seek to assess and identify the “critical variables” for building a high performance team, helping each member of a functional unit place “attention with intention” on those factors that will move the needle for both individual and team performance based on specific team goals and objectives.

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The principles of high performance at the personal level are the foundation for thriving teams. Yet teams, and the interpersonal relationships within the team, increase complexity but also the opportunity for collective excellence.

To help struggling, dysfunctional, or simply good teams seeking to re-calibrate and perform at their best, we begin our process by assessing and identifying Team Flow Assets and Team Flow Liabilities using a combination of self-administered (inside-out) and external data gathering (outside-in) methods to gather the insights needed to identify the team’s WIN (What’s Important Now).

We work with the team, individually and collectively, to raise awareness, eliminate blind spots, address critical issues and dynamics, and generate specifically tailored solutions to ensure optimal individual and team functioning.

While no team is the same, there are common “Principles@Play” that when identified, can make all the difference to ensure an optimal functioning team.

Whatever the team dynamics, we can help your team remove the interference that gets in the way of their collective focus.


Step one in our three-part process begins with assessing the current state of your team. Together we will expand individual, and team awareness, identify gaps, and clarify both technical and leadership strengths and opportunities for team development and synergy.


Winning is all about zeroing in on what’s important now (WIN) for the team as a whole as well as individual team members. Here we narrow down the team’s core themes to focus on “one thing” to initiate breakthrough. This process translates to each individual member so they too identify where to place their attention with intention in the service of team objectives.


We serve clients in many ways—chief among them is Attentional Leadership™ Training and Coaching. Using proprietary frameworks methods, and tools, we work collaboratively as a team to move the needle on key factors that enhance team and individual performance, engagement, and flow.

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