Finding Team Flow


  •  Desire: Like individual performance, high performing teams require the insight and knowledge about their Flow Assets and Flow Liabilities as a highly functioning unit. The “Principles@Play” are similar yet require both an individual and a group process.
  • Pain: Individual high performers, when put together, don’t always make a great team. In fact, they often are less than the sum of their parts. Knowing how to address both individual and collective gaps can turn a low performing team into a team in flow.
  • Solution: Finding Team Flow™ is designed with both the individual and team in mind. Taking a similar approach to the Finding Your Flow™ workshop, we assess the “Principles@Play” within your team to identify its Flow Assets and Flow Liabilities that help and hinder its focus and performance. Based on its Team Flow Formula, we design a specific plan to address issues and dynamics over a defined period of time.



  • Finding Team Flow™ generates awareness and tables issues and dynamics to uncover “What’s Important Now” (WIN) while providing key insights into short and long-term development.
  • Every team member within the team becomes aware of the principles and practices of high performance to be used individually and collectively.
  • Identifying team Flow Assets and Flow Liabilities of generates a clear Team Flow Formula.
  • Team strategic planning, goal-setting and planning to address key critical issues and dynamics.
  • Empowers the team with a framework and process for addressing team issues in the future.


Program Description:

Flow theory has been used for more than 40 years to describe states of full engagement, peak performance, and joyful living. The components of flow suggest that being at your best includes a combination of principles, strategies, and practices that can be understood and mastered, giving individuals, teams, and organizations a greater opportunity to be in flow and discover individual and collective potential.

Finding Your Flow™ workshops contain both the theoretical and the practical—understanding the traditional components of flow, a process of assessment, then a strategic planning process to advance individual and collective effectiveness.

During this 8-hour workshop, participants will take Attentional Leadership™ (1080° Sweep) Assessment for Leaders to identify Flow Assets and Liabilities for cultivating one’s high performance. Using a number of experiential exercises and tools, each participant will have an opportunity to discover the “critical factors” of their own performance—working in pairs and teams to develop action plans to apply new flow strategies towards improved performance. This process then extends to the team where collectively they assess team functioning through the Attentional Leadership™ (1080° Sweep) Assessment for Teams. The team then works together to identify and explore the Team Flow Assets and Flow Liabilities to generate a team-based development plan.

Post workshop, a series of follow-up sessions are often scheduled for facilitating dialogue, problem solving current issues, and holding the team accountable towards its defined goals and desired end state.

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