Finding Your Flow Book

Finding Your Flow – How to Identify Your Flow Assets and Liabilities

Do you remember your last peak performance? Do you remember asking: how do I do this? How can I do it again? If you have asked this question, and want to know the answer, then these 60 Finding Your Flow Tools (built upon the book and training program by the same name) is what you have been searching for.

The Holy Grail of performance has many names: the zone, peaking, even flow. The elements of this experience are many, yet the formula is all too personal. It is something you have to figure out for yourself. “Finding Your Flow” will help you do just that. By understanding the principles and applying the practices of “Finding Your Flow,” you will not only develop the awareness of peak performance principles, you will put them to work in any “Meaningful Life Arena” you choose. Through your peak performance journey, you will develop your own Personal Flow Formula and clarify the core strategies that will help you increase your performance and maximize your personal potential.

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