Finding Your Flow Workshops

  • Desire:Like every high performer, becoming your best requires time and persistent effort to master current skills while looking ahead at the next level.
  • Pain: Too often high performers move up the ranks because of what they know, but often get knocked out of the game because of who they fail to become. This can be avoided. Remember: What got you here won’t get you there.
  • Solution: With Attentional Leadership™ Coaching, we will take a reasoned approach to identify the skills that define today’s success while identifying what new knowledge, skills, and behaviors it will take to reach the leadership level you desire.


  • Achieving a broad awareness of the many factors to peak performance and flow
  • Identifying the “Flow Assets and Liabilities” of flow within any “Meaningful Life Arena”
  • Setting achievable goals and developing action plans towards that “one thing”
  • Developing the ability to be your own best performance coach
  • Re-using the “Finding Your Flow” model for a lifetime of personal development and excellence
  • Setting the foundation for all your future personal development training

Formats Offered:

  • 1-hour Keynote
  • 2-hour Mini Training Session
  • 4-6 Hour Complete Training Session

Program Description:

Flow theory has been used for more than 40 years to describe states of full engagement, peak performance, and joyful living. The components of flow suggest that being at your best includes a combination of principles, strategies, and practices that can be understood and mastered, giving individuals, teams, and organizations a greater opportunity to be in flow and discover individual and collective potential in a variety of “Meaningful Life Arenas.”

The Finding Your Flow workshops contain both the theoretical and the practical—first reviewing and experiencing the traditional components of flow, followed by a discussion and application of the more than 60 strategies that can be used to advance individual and collective effectiveness. During the 4-6 hour workshop, each participant will have an opportunity to take a personal flow assessment (“the 1080° Sweep”) to identify Flow Assets and Liabilities for cultivating one’s high performance. Using a number of experiential exercises and tools, each participant will have an opportunity to discover the “critical factors” of their own performance, work in teams to develop action plans, and apply new “flow strategies” to the important arenas in their lives.

Even more important, each participant will develop the self-awareness necessary to recognize the key factors most important to them as they pursue future knowledge, skills, and strategies designed to advance their personal and professional effectiveness.

The Finding Your Flow workshops have been designed for both professionals and students.

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