Individual Coaching

Attentional Leadership™ INDIVIDUAL Advising/Coaching 

Whatever level of influence and leadership you currently enjoy, there is room to improve—to up your game as an individual, in relationships, inside of teams, within the organization, and throughout the community.

We work with C-suite executives, managers and supervisors, and highly ambitious students—taking them from where they are to where they want to go. Our approach: placing “Attention with Intention” on “What’s Important Now” (WIN).

Recognizing that there is the “Story of Was” the “Story of Is” and the “Story of Next”, we take three-dimensional (1080° Sweep) approach to your personal and professional development. We begin the process with stakeholder support and buy-in, build a relational foundation, then introduce the Attentional Leadership™ approach. Doing this includes: Internal, External, and Time-based assessments and exercises to ensure a complete narrative of “Was, Is, and Next”. This includes self-reflection and co-reflection moments that set the stage for a short and long-term development plan that clarifies the right path forward.

To review each level of Attentional Leadership™ advising/coaching select from:

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