The Principles of Personal Excellence Online Course


The Principles of Personal Excellence online course is a comprehensive training program to help you achieve top results and peak performance in any life arena you choose. The 25 modules and more than 50 exercises will help you achieve your full potential.



What is it?

  • A comprehensive, certificate-based course designed to facilitate success within any Meaningful Life Arena by providing the essential principles, practices, current research and tools to maximize personal and professional effectiveness and satisfaction.
  • A collaboration/partnership between Attentional Leadership™ Institute (content owner), and Washington Institute (owning an exclusive license to sell globally).

How is it organized?

  • The course will take students sequentially through the various factors that influence the performance at the personal level (physical, emotional, psychological, emotional, spiritual).
  • 26 coaching sessions will be delivered by Content Experts, covering:
    • An Introduction to performance “Systems”
    • What Can Be Controlled?
    • Motives, Values & Purpose
    • The Impact of Nutrition on Performance
    • The Impact of Fitness on Performance
    • Missions, Vision & Legacy Building
    • Building an Architecture of Focus through Goals
    • Measuring Your Performance
    • Maximizing Time
    • Relaxation Techniques
    • Rest, Recovery and Sleep
    • Imagery & Visualization
    • Reframing & Rethinking
    • Self-talk, Affirmations & Personal Questions
    • Building Emotional Resilience
    • Focus, Concentration & Absorption
    • Beliefs, Self-Confidence & Self-Concept
    • Building a Philosophy of Engagement
    • The Elements of Happiness
    • Finding Your Flow
  • Each session will last an average of 75 minutes and include the following:
    • Streaming Video & Audio Discussion & Coaching (available in other media formats, too)
    • Exercises, Assignments, Illustrations, Examinations & Readings

What is the desired outcome?

  • Each student will build a personal performance portfolio, consisting of documents that articulate core values, long and short-term goals and practical plans.
  • These elements will culminate in a practical plan that offers the student control over his/her personal and professional satisfaction by managing or eliminating much of the volatility experienced in life.

What is the cost of this course?

The cost of this course is $299 and it may be completed at anytime and desired pace.