Attentional Leadership™ Executive Coaching

  • Desire: Like every high performer, becoming your best requires time and persistent effort to master current skills while looking ahead at the next level.
  • Pain: Too often high performers move up the ranks because of what they know, but often get knocked out of the game because of who they fail to become. This can be avoided. Remember: What got you here won’t get you there.
  • Solution: With Attentional Leadership™ Coaching, we will take a reasoned approach to identify the skills that define today’s success while identifying what new knowledge, skills, and behaviors it will take to reach the leadership level you desire.

As an executive leader, you have made the successful transitions from high performance individual contributor and manager to more abstract, strategic and systemic competencies needed to influence more with light (envisioning and planning for future directions, culture-building, broader stakeholder influence, etc.) than heat (managing operational and people performance) or force (executing the work). 

While expertise in your field and managerial savvy must be maintained, growing your capacity to influence broader organizational systems, dynamics and stakeholders in new and relevant directions is central to your success. Doing this well requires a persistent look at your current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to expand your capacity to lead with greater relational, business acumen and political savvy. 

Using the Attentional Leadership™ framework, we will explore your complete professional history, your current role as a senior leader, and what you seek to accomplish in the near and long term. Using a select number of assessments and tools, together we will explore the balance between personal, interpersonal, team, organization, and community influence and work together towards growing your capacity for greater personal and professional influence at all levels of the organization.

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