Attentional Leadership™ Manager/Supervisor Coaching

  • Desire: Moving from an individual contributor to supervisor/manager is a significant step—shifting you from doing the work to managing and leading others. Taking the time and energy to intentionally grow as a leader is needed to rise through the ranks. It takes planning and persistent effort to move from manager to leader.
  • Pain: Making the shift from individual contributor to supervisor/manager is a difficult process. Just because you are good at what you do means very little when your job is to bring the best out of others. Many supervisors and managers fail—thinking that what they know got them to this place. This is a mistake. Without concerted management and leadership training and coaching, it can often be difficult to rise through the ranks.
  • Solution: With Attentional Leadership™ Coaching, we will take a practical approach to identify the new knowledge, skills, and behaviors it will take to help you make the shift from performer to helping others perform at their best.

As a supervisor or manager of people, you know that your performance is based upon the performance of others. While expertise in your field is important, growing your capacity to motivate, manage, and support your direct and indirect reports, while building synergy with colleagues, is central to your success. Doing this well requires a persistent look at your current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities to expand your capacity to influence, manage and lead.

Using the Attentional Leadership™ framework, we will explore your professional and managerial history, the role and stewardships you enjoy today, and where you wish to be as an emerging leader. Using a select number of assessments and tools, together we will explore the right mix of technical and managerial skills and experiences, and work together towards growing your capacity to influence and to manage more effectively within the organization.

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