Attentional Leadership™ Student Coaching

  • Desire: If you want to get into the best possible college, graduate school, internship, or first job, you can do so by separating yourself from the crowd.
  • Pain: College, graduate school, competitive internships, and first jobs have never seen so many applicants. Hundreds of people are seeking those few coveted positions. We can help you be among the best candidates.
  • Solution: Through Attentional Leadership™ Coaching, we identify the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that will help you excel at school, work, and life—giving you the competitive edge to showcase not only “what” you know but “who” you are becoming. Doing so puts you at the top of the list for getting into the schools, internships, and jobs of your choice.

Student’s today need an equal focus on “what” they are learning and “who” they are becoming. 

Growing your ability to master yourself and to assert influence in relationships, teams, organizations, and communities is central to your success in academia and the working world.

Let’s face it, college is a challenging yet compelling place to discover new ideas, challenge your assumptions about yourself and the world, explore your strengths, challenge your weaknesses, explore new opportunities and adventures, and to navigate the what and where of your emerging professional journey.

As your personal coach—someone who has attended 12 colleges and universities throughout the world with 6 academic degrees, I understand what it takes to excel academically while preparing yourself personally and professionally to meet the rigors of the working world.

As you apply to graduate school or for coveted internships and jobs, your grades and test scores showcase the technical knowledge you’ve acquired. But that’s not enough. You need evidence that you have the personal and professional leadership skills crucial for success. Admissions officers, hiring managers, and business leaders actively seek out applicants possessing the character traits of leaders, not just smart students.

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