Team Coaching

Attentional Leadership™ Team Advising/Coaching 

Effective teams are governed by the same performance principles as individuals. Yet a high performing team requires its own strategic time and attention—as a collective body—to address relational gaps and synergies.

Team coaching begins with our Finding Team Flow™ training, where both a 1080° Sweep Individual and a 1080° Sweep Team assessment will be conducted. With both individual and team assessments completed and interpreted, we begin a parallel development process to identify What’s Important Now (WIN) at multiple levels—building synergy within self between others, and as a team.

During our time together, we focus on the critical variables identified through this assessment and development process, then work as a team to eliminate interference that’s getting in the way of team focus. This includes time at the individual level where synergy is built by supporting each member’s areas of development.

Together, we identify a structure for development over a defined period of time. Meeting frequency typically takes place monthly for 60-90 minutes, but can be adjusted for specific needs and circumstances.

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation to discuss in depth coaching details and processes.