Speaking to universities and corporations throughout the world, Dr. Jackson helps students of all ages identify the WIN (What’s Important Now).

With a framework that gives students key insights into the essence of personal leadership, Bruce uses powerful stories, relevant metaphors, compelling questions, and targeted exercises to help every student get clear on what’s getting in the way of their full potential in school, extra-curricular arenas, and life.

 Bruce’s “Finding Your Flow™” and “Attentional Leadership™” speeches/training open up the window for students and professionals seeking to find that competitive edge to improve focus and full engagement, after which each participant receives a full year’s worth of tools and techniques (60 total) to help them up their game and sustain their performance throughout their college and professional career.

Bruce has spoken/trained students or faculty at Harvard and Cornell Universities, The United States Military at West Point, the University of Maryland, SUNY Geneseo, Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Washburn University, The University of Minnesota, Earlham College, and many others.

Bruce has spoken and conducted workshops with students throughout the world including China, Kosovo, Abu Dhabi, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, and Peru.

Dr. Jackson holds four master’s degrees: counseling psychology (Boston University, School of Education); business administration (University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management); organization behavior (Fielding Graduate University); and public administration (Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government), and a doctor of philosophy in human and organizational systems from Fielding Graduate University.

Dr. Jackson was previously a Sr. Consultant with InsideOut Development, the Director and architect of the nationally acclaimed Center for the Advancement of Leadership at Utah Valley University, a consultant with Korn Ferry/Hay Group International while serving as the Principal of Attentional Leadership™ Institute.

Bruce is an “All Day” speaker and consultant. In addition to speaking and training, Dr. Jackson will guest lecture, meet and consult with leadership faculty, program officers, and Sr. leadership to discuss best practices and strategies for facilitating leadership programming throughout your campus.

Sample of Speaking Topics:

  • Finding Your Flow™ and The Twelve Dimensions of Personal Excellence:
    • The topic of Peak Performance and Flow are broad and deep. From “Finding Your Flow” to identifying your “one thing” Dr. Jackson will customize a message for your audience that will help them identify the common factors to their peak performance.
  • Attentional Leadership™ Theory & Practice:
    • With so many principles, models, competencies, tools, and practices, most students and professionals struggle to understand the nature of leadership and influence. During this session, participants will develop a deeper understanding of the many factors that contribute to achieving greater leadership potential.
  • Discovering the Hero Within
    • This keynote discusses the “Philosophy of Engagement” of every-day heroes. Participants walk away with a clear framework for discovering their own hero within.
  • The Power of Mission, Vision & Legacy
    • This keynote focuses on the three core elements of vision and stories of influential men and women who have made their mark in the world and humanity.
  • Building an Architecture of Focus
    • This keynote speaks to the power of focus through goals. Intentional goals are not enough. During this speech, Dr. Jackson will discuss the prominence of mis-attention and how goals are used to build laser-like focus.
  • Feedback: The Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner of Champions
    • This keynote focuses on the one essential principle that every leader must utilize to influence individual, team, and organizational excellence. From science to the C-suite, feedback mechanisms are what drive change. Compelling stories reveal that the principle of feedback is central to every evolving system.
  • Self-Image: Breaking and Re-Shaping Individual, Team, and Organizational Destinies
    • Individuals, Teams, and Organizations grow only as far as their self-image dictates. During this keynote, Dr. Jackson will provide examples and solutions for breaking the self-image barrier–taking performance at any level to a new level.
  • Learning to Strive
    • We all talk about stress but most regard stress as the enemy–something to be avoided. But good stress (not distress) is what makes us grow as individuals, teams, and organizations. During this keynote, Dr. Jackson will discuss the difference between good stress and bad stress and demonstrate how “learning to strive” will help build a new and more resilient corporate or educational culture.
  • The Qualities of Exceptional Leaders
    • During this keynote, Dr. Jackson will provide compelling stories of historical figures who exemplify exceptional leadership. Recognizing that every leader has his or her own style, there are certain qualities that transcend these differences and find themselves at the heart of the world’s greatest leaders.
  • Coaching for Peak Performance
    • Coaching is the new leadership, yet most leaders use old paradigms to address new performance problems. During this keynote, Dr. Jackson will discuss a new paradigm for coaching–challenging the expert model while demonstrating how helping others achieve their best is less about providing insights and more about pulling out the greatness that already lies within.
  • Magnifying Your Craft
    • There isn’t a single organizational role that cannot be turned into an Olympic event. From “Extreme Ironing” to “Olympic Curing” Dr. Jackson will discuss what it takes to turn any role at any level into a compelling space to achieve personal greatness.
  • From ADD to Ph.D.: Reflections from a Classroom Disturbance
    • This keynote helps student audiences recognize that their personal limitations can be a primary source of core motivation for long-term personal excellence.

Typical Formats: 45-60 Minutes, 2-hours, 4-hours, 8-hours based on content and purpose of program/event.

Dr. Jackson can tailor presentations to meet your individual needs. Schedule a call to explore the possibilities.