Attentional Leadership™ Solutions

Attentional Leadership™ Drives Results

To succeed and thrive in a 21st century—or what some call the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world—individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole, need to consistently assess where they have been, where they are, and where they want to go—placing their “attention with intention” on the unique technical and human factors necessary to move forward towards defined missions, vision, values, and purpose.

Knowing where, when, and how long to place attention (at any level of individual or collective functioning) is the essence of Attentional Leadership™. Attentional Leadership™ recognizes that the “Principles@Play” are as relevant for the individual contributor as they are for all levels of leadership.

Attentional Leadership™ is an inside out process that helps starting, emerging, and senior level leaders master and apply critical leadership principles and practices within, so they can extend and scale their influence in a variety of personal and professional Meaningful Life Arena’s (MLA’s), by answering that most fundamental question: What’s Important Now? (WIN). This philosophy and method applies equally to teams and the organization as a whole.

Sustained attention on the WIN, despite obstacles and setbacks, is the vital element for all levels of contribution and leadership throughout the organization.


Our Mission: To help individuals, teams, and organizations identify the issues, dynamics, and principles at play that help generate focus by placing “attention with intention” on “What’s Important Now” (WIN).


Step one in our three-part process begins with assessing where you currently are. Together we will expand awareness, identify gaps, and clarify both technical and leadership strengths and opportunities.


Winning is all about zeroing in on “what’s important now” (WIN). Here we narrow down and focus on your “one thing” to help initiate breakthroughs so you can Find Your Flow in your professional and personal arenas.


We serve clients in many ways—including leader assessments, executive and personal coaching, custom training solutions, keynote speaking, and experiential immersions.


Dr. Jackson is certified/licensed to offer a variety of personality, capacity, and leader development assessments for hiring, development, and leader potential. CLICK HERE for an overview of available assessments and offerings.


Dr. Jackson is an ICF certified coach with a focus on Attentional Leadership™—a theoretical framework designed to help leaders at every level understand the holistic and systemic nature of exercising influence and leadership in any life arena. To learn more, read MY COACHING PHILOSOPHY.


For any organization level or function, core and specific leadership competencies are relevant to performance, leadership, and success. Based on the specific needs of any function, level, or specific group within an organization, Dr. Jackson can assist in mapping competencies and designing specific training solutions to meet development needs.


Whether for in-house groups, conferences, or special events, Dr. Jackson can custom design a talk to address critical performance issues, opportunities, and aspirations.


For more than a decade Dr. Jackson has led more than one hundred budding and mature leaders in far away places such as Mt. Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu, and Mt. Rainer–to help facilitate the development of personal, interpersonal, and team effectiveness.

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