Individual Solutions

Attentional Leadership™ for Individuals

Attentional Leadership™ for Individuals is designed to help leaders at any level look at their personal, professional, or any other Meaningful Life Arena’s (MLA’s) by first clarifying the difference between Technical Knowledge (TK) and Leadership Knowledge (LK). Recognizing the balance between “what you know” and “who you are”, we seek to assess and identify the “critical variables” of success (technical and leadership), then place “attention with intention” on those factors that will move the needle of your performance based on your specific goals and objectives.


Step one in our three-part process begins with assessing where you have been, where you currently are, and where you wish to go. Together we will expand awareness, identify gaps, and clarify both technical and leadership strengths and opportunities for development.


Winning is all about zeroing in on what’s important now (WIN). Here we narrow down and focus on your “one thing” to help initiate breakthrough so you can Find Your Flow in your professional and personal arenas.


We serve clients in many ways—chief among them is Attentional Leadership™ Training and Coaching. Using proprietary frameworks, methods, and tools, we work collaboratively to move the needle on key factors that enhance performance, engagement, and personal flow.

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