Finding Your Flow Course


During this course, you will learn what flow is, develop an awareness of the principles and practice that accompany flow, assess your own “Meaningful Life Arena”, identify your “one thing”, then build a compelling personal plan that will help you achieve higher levels of performance in any Meaningful Life Arena.

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In the corporate and academic arenas, professionals and students have many demands on their time, attention and energy. This requires working smarter.

Increased competition, pressure, and stress mixed with other distractors, like social technologies, provide constant interruptions that get in the way of “Finding Your Flow” or getting into the “zone” in and out of the office, field or arena. For many professionals, the power to find uninterrupted focus at work, relationships, and life is diminishing.

High performance requires commitment and focus. The inability to focus results in increased frustration, low performance, disengagement and a poor self-image.

Imagine performing at your very best—where skills and abilities match the tasks at hand; feeling absorbed and engaged; being able to produce your best results—on demand.

This type of focus isn’t just for athletes, meditation gurus, or naturally gifted performers. This type of focus and fl ow can be learned and implemented by anyone wanting to take their performance to the next level.

Introducing Finding Your Flow™, a program that gives each participant increased awareness, understanding, tools, and strategies to shut out the distractions, increase focus, and maximize performance.

After years of research, testing and real-world application, Dr. Bruce H. Jackson has developed the 1080° Sweep – 60 questions that will uncover the many factors that both contribute to and inhibit peak performance and flow.

Finding Your Flow™ is a personal process. Using the 1080° Sweep assessment in conjunction with the workshop tools will give each participant a personalized formula and plan to produce more focus, flow, and joy in work, relationships and life.

NOTE: This course contains MS Word documents. If you don’t have MS Word installed on your computer or device you can download Apache OpenOffice for PCs or get an App for your tablet or smartphone.