Attentional Leadership™ Training/Development

Leading others effectively requires leading oneself successfully. Therefore it is the fundamental premise of Attentional Leadership™ training that the principles that govern self are the same principles that govern others — even teams, organizations, and communities.

Attentional Leadership™ training is designed to help individuals, teams and organizations identify the issues, dynamics, and principles at play that help generate focus. Our 3 step process outlined below provides participants with the insights and skills to place their attention with intention on What’s Important Now (WIN)


Step one in our three-part process begins with assessing where you currently are. Together we will expand awareness, identify gaps, and clarify both technical and leadership strengths and opportunities.


Winning is all about zeroing in on what’s important now (WIN). Here we narrow down and focus on your “one thing” to help initiate breakthroughs so you can Find Your Flow in your professional and personal arenas.


I serve clients in many ways—including leader assessments, executive and personal coaching, custom training solutions, keynote speaking, and experiential immersions.

Using the 1080° Sweep™ assessment in conjunction with workshop tools gives each participant increased awareness, understanding, tools, and strategies to create a personalized plan to shut out the distractions, increase focus, and maximize performance.

In addition to the Finding your Flow™ Workshop and Peak Performance Academy™, Dr. Jackson can design specific training solutions to meet your team and organizational development needs.

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